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DIGIWEIGH DWP-1000L Drum Scale

This high performance drum scale is part of the professional drum scale line of Digiweigh. This scale has a weighing capacity of 1000 lb. It has been lauded by experts as a great scale that has the technical edge over its competitors.

This Digiweigh drum scale is a unique scale that incorporates highly advanced technology to deliver a superior performance. It is for this reason that the drum scale has won the appreciation of weight measurement experts. It is a part of the professional drum scale line of Digiweigh.

Its features include a special scratch resistant paint coating and a diamond cut platform plate to prevent objects placed on the platform from slipping.

There are also two ramps making it easy to load drums.

The scale is mounted on wheels and can therefore be moved easily.

It is versatile because it can be used to weigh moving objects such as animals or it can be used for check weighing ( when an alarm goes off after a certain weight range is reached ). It can also be used as a counting scale. And to switch from one mode to another is done easily with just a few clicks.

It can store the weights and you can get a print out with individual weights and the total weight at the end of a weighing session.

The scale has an ultra-bright display the brightness of which can be adjusted to suit your ambient lighting conditions. The weight indicator can be easily connected to a computer with an RS 232 cable.

The battery has a very long life and can work for 200 hours when it is fully charged. It also has a sleep mode to conserve batteries when not in use. The cable is detachable and easy to replace.

We ship to "Buisness Address" only.

For a "Ship-to" address that is in a "Residential Area", there will be an additional charge of $100.

A forklift or a loading dock is required at the destination, otherwise $100 will be added to the price for ordering a liftgate.

A reachable phone number is required by the trucking company.

DIGIWEIGH DWP-1000L Drum Scale Specifications:

Platform Size: 30” x 24”

Weighing Modes: LB and KG

Gross Weight / Net Weight: switchable by one button (all showed on print ticket)

RS232 Output: connecting to PC or printer (programmable)

Capacity/Accuracy: 1000LB/0.1LB

Zero Tracking: Auto (programmable range)

Platform Material: 0.25" carbon steel deck plate

Feet: Steel with rubber cover (swivel for easy leveling)

Stainless steel swivel bracket included

Optional printer

Power: 110+/-11V 60 HZ AND Rechargeable battery included

Calibration: Pre-calibrated (ready to use)

Warranty: 1 Year Limited Manufacturer Direct Warranty


DIGIWEIGH DWP-1000L 24" X 30" DRUM SCALE 1000LB/0.1LB & more...