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1. What’s the difference between an NTEP floor scale and a NON-NTEP floor scale?

You can use an NTEP floor scale legally to buy and sell by the Lbs. Also the NTEP certification plate is showed on both of the scale and indcator. when the state comes to you facility to certify your scale, they will need that certification # shown on the plate. 
NON-NTEP floor scales you can use for pretty much anything that doesn’t involve selling by the Lbs. to the public, you can use it for inventory, or to weight pallets that need to be shipped out etc.

2. Does the floor scale  pretty easy to assemble?

Yes, our scale is very easy , all you need to do are to screw 4 feet into underneath each corner of scale, then connect the cable to the scale from the indicator, turn it on and you are ready to go.

3. Can these scales be recalibrated and how often should I recalibrate?

Yes, all of our floor scales can be recalibrated, all indicators include a manual that shows how to recalibrate it, also you can watch the video on the digiweigh channel   http://www.youtube.com/user/digiweigh, its good to have a set of weights to make sure your scale never goes off calibration, recalibrate your scale at least 3 times a year.

4. Do these Scales come with other accessories?

Yes, we have other accessories, such as printers, software, ramps, wireless to pc kits, wireless to scale base kits, etc.

5. If my scale goes bad for some reason, will you have parts for it to fix it?

Yes, we do have parts, such as load cells, indicators, cables, j-boxes, and our well-training technician happy to help you.

6. When will my order be shipped out? 

We ship out all our orders before 12:00PM (PT) in same day.

7. Why need unlimited phone support program?

a. Unlimited Phone Support-Extend the life of your scale & get help from the well-training DIGIWEIGH support team. 

b. The program will cut the cost in big way instead of hiring the expensive scale technician to diagnosis the scale issue.

c. The time is matter. The program will save lots of time to avoid waiting game.