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This is a high quality pocket scale DIGIWEIGH DW-20CHROME. It has a capacity of 20 grams with a resolution of 0.001 gram. This makes the scale ideal for measuring the weight of precious items such as gold, silver, diamonds and other precious stones. There are six weighing modes gm, oz, ct, ozt, dwt and gn.

The scale has a blue back light. This makes the jewelry look beautiful as it is being weighed.

It has high quality strain gauges and load cells. The scale therefore gives you an accurate performance across the entire capacity range of the scale. It is made of ABS plastic with a metal support frame which makes it very durable. The scale has a clear plastic cover which can be detached and used as a tray.

The pocket scale DIGIWEIGH DW-20CHROME has a convenient tare function. It covers the entire capacity range of the scale.

It has a stainless steel platform with a size of 2.5' x 3".

The scale has a slim and compact design and can fit into even small pockets. Its dimensions are 4.5"x2.5"x0.7".

It has a wide screen LCD display of 1.3"x0.5".

Calibrations weights are included with the scale package.

It requires two AAA batteries to operate.