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Here is a top quality pallet jack scale RAVAS-310 NTEP suitable for use as a shipping scale or for other industrial use. You are assured of great quality because it is an NTEP approved legal for trade scale.

Pallet jack scale RAVAS-310 NTEP product features:

It is an automatic scale with a manual zero correction feature.

It can be used to measure gross or net weight.

It has option for both automatic and manual tare.

It can do totaling and assign sequence numbers.

It has a 5 digit ID-code entry.

It has a counting function as well and can be used for piece counting by sampling.

The piece counting can also be done by entering piece weight.

It has a built in clock and printer. It can print date, time, counted pieces, gross weight, net weight and total weight.

It has a built in clock.

Error messages are displayed.

If not in use for 30 minutes the scale will shut off automatically.

It can easily switch between lb and kg modes.

Pallet jack scale RAVAS-310 NTEP Specifications:

Fork Dimensions: 47.5" x 6.7", 27" spacing

Scale Size: 61" (D) x 27" (W) x 48" (H)

Weighing Modes: KG and LB

Lift Height: 8"

Accuracy: 2LB

Power: Built-in rechargeable battery.

Capacity: 5000LB