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The DWP-5000SWF is a high quality, washdown stainless steel floor scale. It is the choice of professionals for the food industry such as fish plants, chemical industry and other applications where a non corrosive and easy to clean material is required. It can weigh up to 5000 LB and is accurate to within 1 LB of the actual weight.

Digital stainless steel scale additional features include the following:

The deck plate of the scale can be lifted up for cleaning. This keeps the scale's sensitive components protected when cleaning is being done.

The deck insert is non metallic. The stainless steel frame is of 304 stainless steel. The feet and bolts are also of stainless steel.

There are four stainless steel load cells which are high quality and waterproof. They ensure an accurate performance across the entire capacity range of the scale.

There is a 304 diamond thread tyoe stainless steel deck plate.

The scale has a large 4'x4' deck which is well suited for the standard size of pallets.

The indicator is made of stainless steel and is waterproof as well. It has a big LED display which is easy to read. The scale includes a rechargeable battery and the scale cable is 15 feet long .

The tare function can be used across the entire capacity range of the scale.

The scale has a useful counting function that can keep the count allowing your workers to focus on other important tasks.

We ship to "Buisness Address" only.

For a "Ship-to" address that is in a "Residential Area", there will be an additional charge of $100.

A forklift or a loading dock is required at the destination, otherwise $100 will be added to the price for ordering a liftgate.

A reachable phone number is required by the trucking company.

Digital stainless steel scale DIGIWEIGH DWP-5000SWF Specifications:

Capacity/Accuracy: 5000LB/1LB

Size: True 4’x4’ (48” x 48”) x 4.5” (H)

Weighing Modes: LB and KG

Feet: Stainless steel with rubber cover (swivel for easy leveling)

Platform Material: 0.25" stainless steel deck plate

Calibration: Pre-calibrated (ready to use)

Stainless steel swivel bracket included

Power: 110+/-11V 60 HZ and Built-in Rechargeable battery

Warranty: 1 Year Limited Manufacturer Direct Warranty


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