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Here is an exceptional stretch wrap machine DIGIWEIGH DWP-803E (NOT WIRELESS VERSION). It makes it easier to package products such that they can withstand the effects of transportation over long distances.

Outstanding features include the following:

The stretch wrap machine DIGIWEIGH DWP-803E ( NOT WIRELESS VERSION) has a built in the scale which enables you to weigh and wrap the product at the same time. You get higher efficiencies in your operational procedure. It is an automatic stretch wrap machine which makes the operations safer even as it makes them faster.

It is easy to install and can get work done very fast wrapping up to 20-30 loads per hour depending on the package.

You can choose between manual and automatic wrapping modes.

It uses RF wireless technology which has a range of 100 feet.

It can weigh up to 4000 lb.

It has a soft electronic start and stop.

It is a no maintenance machine and there is no need to lubricate the drive.

It has a variable speed of 1 to 12 RPM.

It has a low profile.

It has a photo eye which helps it function properly and maintain full functionality.

Forklift channels are built in.

The film can be set to be stretched up to 120%. The film tension can be adjusted manually with a clutch.

The pallet height sensor is adjustable.

It has a direct film feed carriage and does not require film threading.

Standard wrapping height is 82".

The turntable diameter is 58”.

It has a forklift design from both front and rear for easy setup and positioning.

It has a combination top & bottom wrap selector (1-3)

The turntable has speed control

There is a carriage up/down sensor control

There is a manual carriage up/down switch

It has a turntable home and jog control for positive positioning

It has a PLC ( Programmable Logic Controller ) control with a communication port

You can get a spiral up and down wrap pattern

Optionally the carriage is without variable speed

Machine & Control Specifications

Load Size : 58" dia x 82"

Production Speed : 20-30 Load /Hour Based on Load Configuration

Power: 110V, 60Hz, 20 Amps

Maximum Load Weight : 4,000lbs

Machine Weight: 1200lbs.

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