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Digiweigh Thermal Label Printer (+249.00)

Here is a high quality computing scale DWP-60PC from Digiweigh that is an ideal digital retail scale for a farm, grocery store or a supermarket.

The scale is NTEP approved so you get certified quality.

Digiweigh DWP-60PC is a high quality NTEP approved scale that can be used when you are required to use a legal for trade scale. It has a capacity of 60 lb and an accuracy of 0.01 lb which makes it very suitable as a digital retail scale where fairly heavy products need to be weighed.

The scale can directly calculate the price of the product that is being weighed, which increases the efficiency of the operation. With the help of this quality scale you can reduce your transaction time without the risk of errors creeping into the operation. The scale offers great value and is popular all over the country.

The scale has a feature to weigh many items and give you a total price as well for the entire transaction.

It has a large LCD display which is very easy to read. This prevents mistakes which can otherwise be a problem for your retail operations which at times can be taking place at a fast pace.

The scale is equipped with rechargeable batteries.

The scale has an RS-232 port for connecting it to a printer or a computer.

Scale NTEP certificate number: 12-067





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